Elgin Street Multifunctional Complex , 2004
Design Competition, finalist
Ottawa, Ontario
This mixed-use development, combining residential, cultural, heritage and commercial functions, responds to the City of Ottawa’s desire to revitalize the downtown core by introducing residential components into the city centre.

The project is fronted by a large civic plaza- a three-storey high, protected exterior forecourt sheltered by a glass canopy supported by tree-like metal columns. An elevated 1300-seat multi-purpose theatre is located at the public level. A retail area and a two-level bistro animate the street and the plaza.

An apart-hotel rises nine floors above the cultural base, housing approximately 140 suites of varying size. The two floors below the apart-hotel house a business centre and reception facilities, which open onto the roof garden. The project culminates vertically in the residential tower, housing 74 condominium units.
28 861m²
Claridge Homes Development Corporation