Fallatis Hotel, 2005
Mixed-use Redevelopment of the Falletis Hotel Site
Lahore, Pakistan
Nestled in the heart of Lahore is the magnificent 7.1 acre site of the Falletis Hotel. The economic and social potentials of this dynamic project hold the key to a major rejuvenation of Lahore’s City Centre. Fragments of the existing Falletis hotel and its landscaping are retained to preserve a park-like setting along the major avenues bordering the site. A forty-storey five-star hotel anchors the south-west corner of the site with 565 rooms, banquet areas, meeting rooms, restaurants, business centre, health club and spa grouped around a magnificent roof garden. A twenty-seven storey triangular office tower, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, creates a sharp prow-like image towards the junction of Eggerton and Cooper Streets. Five-storey high suspended gardens within create light-filled atria for the office floors ensuring views for all and controlled natural ventilation.

Three thirty-storey residential towers form a porous façade towards the adjoining park, housing luxurious apartments ranging from 1B to 4B. A five-storey base of retail and entertainment including cinemas, restaurants and a spectacular light-filled atrium animated by curtains of water, provides a central link to the residential and commercial components of the project. Intimately-scaled courtyards and roof terraces mitigate the monumental qualities of the complex. Five levels of underground parking are provided for 2400 cars.
298 800 m2