New Canadian Embassy in Germany, 1998
International Design Competition
Berlin, Germany
The reunification of East and West Germany and the subsequent relocation of the German Parliament to Berlin has created a unique opportunity for the edification of a new Canadian Embassy. A complex programme combining 6000m2 of embassy functions, 4800m2 of commercial rental space, and 2700m2 of residential condominiums is to be housed on Leipziger Platz with views of the Reichstag, the Tiergarten, and the Brandenburg Gate.

Two superimposed courtyards, separated by a glass floor, create the focal point for this perimeter block scheme. The ground-floor court, with a pedestrian passage connecting Leipziger Platz to Ebertstrasse, is an animated exterior space bisected by a diagonal glass wall defining the embassy entrance and public cultural functions: reception hall, cinema, exhibition space, and conference centre. Commercial galleries, restaurants, etc. share this public courtyard. The private upper levels of the embassy reinterpret the Renaissance palace archetype with its central courtyard and peripheral galleries. A glass-floored sculpture garden with topiary plantings creates a visual centre point for the embassy, and serves as an intimate outdoor reception area.
13 500m² & 97 parking
Government of Canada