Anglicane Theater, 1999-2003
Conversion of a church into a performance hall
31 Wolfe street, Lévis, Québec
First prize, limited design competition, 1999
The architectural parti for this renovation and expansion of a previously converted Anglican church consists of placing architecture in harmony with nature. The "Anglicane" is treated as a precious object within a green enclosure: the Parc. The configuration of the lobby is determined by a desire to mark a critical distinction in relation to the object of value on the site: "The Anglicane".

The overall intentional design of the building is distributed along a central axis, which originates at the entry plaza and is directed towards the sculpture garden, the compositional pivot of the plan. The spatiality of the "Anglicane" is preserved in its entirety. Within the theatre, a flexible arrangement is proposed. A bistro-style configuration or traditional rows are possible. At the mezzanine level, 60 seats are provided, providing comfort and visibility for the spectators.
800 m2, 250 seats
$2,6 Millions
City of Lévis