Juliette-Lassonde Art Center, 2002-2005
New performance hall in Saint-Hyacinthe
1705 Saint-Antoine street, Saint-Hyacinthe
First prize, limited competition, 2002
This prestigious institution containing a 900 seat theater and a 300 seat cabaret emerges from the unique context of the City of Saint-Hyacinthe, a city whose urbanity is enriched by the presence of the adjacent river and its inherent amenities. By its spatial generosity, the theater’s square, facing the city, creates a new urban plaza integrated in a social network of public spaces. This approach, in relation with the civic center, the market and commercial streets, expresses the important status of this institution in the city. An elegant arch is also created by the folding of the theater’s roof forming a gateway to the playful and cultural new center of St-Hyacinthe. On the river side, a second activity node addresses the presence of nature through the design of an exterior stage extending out toward an inclined landscape plane that is connected to the linear park bordering the Yamaska River.
2845 m2 (700 seats)
$9 Millions
City of Saint-Hyacinthe