Tip Top Tailors , 1994
Design Competition
Toronto, Ontario
This project proposes the restructuring and densification of an entire city block located on the fringe of downtown Toronto beside Lake Ontario. Isolated from the city core by an elevated expressway and situated at the eastern edge of a large waterfront park, the site defines the western boundary of Toronto’s Harbourfront.

A recently-renovated, Art-Deco industrial building presently used for offices is incorporated in this multi-functional scheme for housing (34,400m2), offices (11,100m2), community facilities (6,500m2), and underground parking. A formal elevated courtyard is created within the complex, with large openings providing views overlooking the surrounding parks and lakefront. All apartment entries address this semi-public landscaped space. A twenty-storey apartment tower acts as a beacon on the edge of Lake Ontario, anchoring the project to its site.

A variety of housing types are proposed, ranging from ground-floor townhouses, to artist work/live loft spaces, and two-storey apartments. The majority of the housing units are through-apartments, thereby allowing most apartments to benefit from views of the lake and adjacent parks.