Corporate and Commercial Development, 1999
Commercial and office building
Bucharest, Romania
Nestled within a wooded site at the heart of one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Bucharest, this project benefits from easy access to the airport and a close proximity to the World Trade Centre. With an area of approximately 60,000m2, the project is comprised of four towers of varying heights, which can be built in phases, connected with glass atriums traversed by linking bridges. The generous spaces at the lobby level are easily adaptable to various functions including commercial units, offices, and exhibition spaces. The restaurants and cafés are housed at the mezzanine level, offering views of the exhibit areas below and the recreation functions of the adjacent sports complex.

Views of the park are provided across the large light-filled atriums located between the towers, which serve as prestigious entrance halls for the administrative and commercial functions. Suspended gardens punctuate the upper levels, offering dramatic views down onto the atriums. The transparent architectural expression of the complex is suggestive of high-tech communications, creating a striking sculptural image within its landscaped setting.
66 000m²
Trizec-Hahn Corporation