Bhartiya Complex, 2007

Bangalore, Karnataka, India
The Bhartiya development in Bangalore benefits from an interesting site, sloping approximately 20m towards south. It is divided in two unequal areas by the Peripheral Ring road. We believe that this strong gesture, rather than being an impediment, could be seen as a dynamic unifier which gives the technological flavor to the whole complex. On the other hand, careful attention was given to the local housing culture in order to create a typology as well as images and spaces people are accustomed to and can identify with. This leads to a positive reaction from the users with respect to sensitive use, responsible and compatible behavior and in the long run is the key to a successful project. Here are some ideas for the urban planning concept:

Create a comprehensive unified gesture in spite of the site being cut in two (pedestrian and vehicular connections, visual continuity, etc.).

The commercial structure represents an iconic-image nucleus adjacent to the highway with housing kept away from the noise of fast traffic.

Both sides of the highway, with its intermediate adjacent vertical inclined landscaping, as well as the pedestrian bridge crossing, will make assert a strong presence through lighting, projections and colors.

Taking advantage of the slope, the stacked housing units can have access from different ground floors. They enjoy private terraces, two story spaces and personalised environment.

The towers have plates of six and eight units per floor. The positioning of the cores is such that they form two halls at each level serving respectively four and three apartments.

In the slab configuration, the plates have six apartments serviced by 2 elevators. By extracting one unit at different levels, terraces are created introducing transparency and greenery.
1 487 000 m2
Bhartiya International