Mont-Tremblant Housing, 1983-1985
Resort center and prefabricated housing
Mont-Tremblant, Quebec
First prize, Canadien Wood counsil, 1986
This residential project of 192 units represents the first phase of a re-development of Mont-Tremblant, a resort in the Laurentian Mountains seventy-five miles north of Montreal. Located close to existing ski facilities, the arrangement of the units borrow from traditional mountain village forms while the shapes of the volumes recall the proportions and silhouettes of grain elevators.

Eight units, assembled on three levels, combine to form one house. Houses, in turn, are clustered in groups of three to maximize the preservation of the forest. The planning of each cluster creates an ordered urban pocket, set into and contrasted against, the freer surrounding environment.

Each unit is composed of a wood-frame pre-fabricated module, transported to the site with complete interior and exterior finishes, lifted and placed by a crane. The system of assembly of the pre-fabricated units allows for a variety of 90 degree rotations around a central mechanical core, a method which provides for a large diversity in the overall arrangement. The building's striated facing is of smooth-faced concrete block, erected once 1he modules are assembled. Prefabrication allows for greater control over construction, particularly with regard to workmanship and climate, and permits great flexibility in the phasing of the project. Each 330 square foot unit has a private terrace and a distinct exterior entrance. Units on the upper level feature a double story .living room, which provides an additional sleeping loft.
192 units
$6 Millions
Mont-Tremblant tourist station