De Gaspé Housing, 1980
Row housing on the shore of the St-Lawrence River
Nun's Island, Montreal
This project consists of eighteen row houses on the edge of a forest on Nun's Island. Several elements drawn from the traditional vocabulary of the urban architecl1ire of Mon1real are given a new interpretation in the design: 1he verticality of the facade, the en1rnnce elevated above the street level, the playfulness of the brick work, the articulation of roof lines and the use of the double-hung square windows joined on each side of by a decora1ive post.

111e house presents itself as a compact volume to which a vertical plane has been applied; it is intended as a humorous recall of the old practise of cladding in stone veneer the street facade of a brick building. The individually of each unit is emphasized through the use of patterned brickwork, the fenestration of bay-windows and the incorporation of sculptured wooden elements salvaged from demolition sites.

Inside, the presence of natural light accentuates the flow of spaces. The rooms of each unit are organized around a double-storey space, incorporating a stair and fireplace, and filled with light from the sky above. At the rear, the south facing living rooms open through a solarium, towards the forest beyond the garden.
$2 Millions