Nouveau Monde Theater, 1997
Renovation of the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde
84 Sainte-Catherine street West, Montreal
For the first time since its inception, the TNM will bring together under one roof all its activities involving the creation, production and dissemination of theatre in Montreal. This renovation and expansion project is based on three principal components: the theatre, entirely renovated with respect to its current form; a larger, higher fly tower, with loading area having double access from St-Urbain Street; and an addition housing the theatre’s support activities including administration offices, rehearsal room, dressing rooms and foyer. The addition is set back from Ste-Catherine Street creating a forecourt, which is sheltered by the theatre’s marquee, while maintaining an intimate dialogue with the foyer of the TNM.

Conceived as a succession of spaces culminating in the conserved brick wall of the theatre, the foyer is the focus of the interactive relation between the TNM, the public and the urban environment. A mezzanine frames the foyer in the manner of an Elizabethan theatre, permitting the lobby space to become at times a place for public presentations, lectures, and other open events, enhancing the vitality of the institution within its community. The stage and its scenographic components are completely rebuilt according to specific requirements for contemporary theatre production.
4935 m2 (1475 m2 renovated)
$8.5 Millions
Théâtre du Nouveau Monde