Chaussegros-de-Léry Complex, 1988-1992
Commercial/ Mixte
Multi-use Complex, commercial and residential
303 Notre-Dame street east, Montreal
First prize, Open design competition, 1987
The development of this city block, located next to Montreal’s City Hall, is part of an important revitalisation program for the historic district of Old Montreal. The Complex will end the eastern axis of the prestigious public promenade along Notre-Dame Street on which the major civic institutions of the city are located.

This multifunctional complex evokes the tradition of the “perimeter block” tradition, occupying the exterior edges of the site and enclosing a controlled multi-level courtyard. It includes a municipal office building, residential condominiums, a two-level garden space which creates a buffer zone between these two disparate elements and retail space at street level. Two diagonal openings interrupts the orthogonal regularity of the site bringing light and views to the interior of the complex.

The housing in developed around four vertical circulation cores which are connected at the parking levels and at the recreational facilities levels. The façades are expressed with an innovative vocabulary which reinterprets without nostalgia certain elements pertaining to the civic and residential architecture of Old Montreal.
5 000m2 + 1150 parking spots $42 Millions SIMPA Project in collaboration with Provencher Roy architects and Cardinal Hardy architects