Cirque du Soleil, 1994-1997
Commercial/ Mixte
Head quarters and creation and diffusion studios
8400 2nd avenue, Montreal, Quebec
Award of Excellence, Order of Architects of Quebec, 1999
Orange Prize, Save Montreal Society, 1997
The Cirque du Soleil as decided to build itself permanent spaces for its repetition studios, and its various costumes and scene sets workshops. The principal preoccupations were of ones of fluidity and flexibility for future expansions. A four storey linear administrative centre with a concrete structure is the organizing element of the architectural parti. Large, free-span steel structures required for the studio spaces and workshops are juxtaposed against this spine. The principal circulation route connecting the major functions of the complex is reminiscent of a back-alley, with a multitude of spatial experiences provided by bridges, suspended staircases, covered passages, and skylights. This linear space terminates in a double-height cafeteria with mezzanine where all members of the organization meet together. The exterior envelop of the building is one of color metal and glass, reveling its skeleton in certain areas, details recalling the circus tent.
16 656m2
$27 Millions