Godin Hotel, 2004
New Boutique Hotel, incorporating a historical building in downtown Montreal
10 Sherbrooke street west, Montreal
Situated at the geographic heart of Montreal nightlife, the hotel will actively reinforce this urban phenomenon with the vibrancy and flavour particular to the new wave of international boutique hotels. Volumetrically, it reinforces the urban continuity of Sherbrooke Street. Two levels of bars, restaurants and meeting rooms are set into the steep slope of the site, and animate the street life of Saint-Laurent and Sherbrooke. They form a plinth upon which five residential floors containing 140 rooms are grouped about a suspended exterior piazza. A visual axis crosses the site, reinforced by a double-height transparency occupied by the hotel restaurant, and reveals this suspended piazza overlooking St-Laurent Boulevard. A rehabilitation of the Godin Building will restore a vital presence to the urban intersection.
1560 m2
Cadim Hotel (Godin) inc., 3879607 Canada inc. and Incognita Hotel inc.