Vacarescu Complex, 2006-2008
Commercial/ Mixte
Multi-use Complex, commercial and residential
Bucharest, Roumania
The triangular site, located adjacent to Parcul Floreasca and near Lacul Tei, offers some very interesting opportunities to build a spectacular combination of volumes, which in turn present surprising images from different points of view. The hotel is located on the north of the site. Its positioning at the apex of the triangular site creates a dramatic wedge-like silhouette and liberates the space between the two components (hotel and office) to accommodate a roof garden. The monumental vertical opening at the lower levels of the office building allows south light to reach the roof garden and frames a vista towards the south. The retail spaces as well as the Convention Centre are placed in the base levels of the hotel structure and office towers, offering an easy access from both of them.

The sculpted floor plate of the office tower maximises views towards the lakes and creates an iconic massing as seen from a distance. Punctual double-height sky gardens create spatial focal points for the upper floors looking towards the south. The tower form is identifiable as a result of tis height, massing and materiality. Despite being part of a larger complex, it retains a notable urban presence.
$240 Millions