Dieppe aquatic and community center , 2008
Indoor diving pool with children pool
Dieppe, New-Brunswick
Prix du mérite du Lieutenant-gouverneur en architecture, New-Brunswick, 2011
In this project, the architectural proposition is intrinsically related to the surrounding landscape taking into account the topography, the views and the different orientations. The Aquatic Center’s interior spaces are designed to facilitate the circulation and the comprehension of its organisation for the users. The reception area, transparent and open to the outside, allows the taking place of various activities. Next to it, a rest area with tables, chairs and food distributors opens generously, with a large glass wall, on the adjoining basins. A spectator area is also included in the swimming area. Classroom and meeting areas also allow a flexible and variety of use.

A reception desk and two administrative offices mark the limit between the public hall and the controlled spaces of the dressing rooms. The three dressing rooms; men, women, and family with children, are served by a linear corridor. The service spaces organisation reveals a separation between wet and dry uses. The large basin space could afford a maximum of 377 swimmers. This space include a family basin with a beach, a two lanes (25m long) warming basin and a six lanes (25m long) competition basin.
3300 m2
Dieppe City