Val de l'Anse, 1988-1990
Condominium tower
Nun's Island, Quebec
Award of excellence, Order of Architects of Quebec, 1991
Orange Prize, Save Montreal Society, 1990
This 14-storey residential project is built on the shore of the St Lawrence River near Nuns’ Island’s expansive woods. Organized around four elevator cores which serve two units per floor, the majority of the 114 apartments benefits from double orientation and cross-ventilation, offering exceptional views to the river, the forest and to downtown Montreal. On the river side, at the project’s base, ten 3-storey townhouses assure a transition between the tower and the shoreline. At the uppermost floors, eight penthouse apartments form in their two-level articulation the crown of the building.

Detailing is strictly associated with constructive logic, expressed through the use of the most humble stock industrial materials. The lightness and workability of steel and the transparency of glass contrast with the strength and mass of concrete.
20 200 m2
$14 Millions
Grahor Holdings/Proment