Salmiya Educational and Cultural Center (Kuwait), 2006
International design competition
The project, a near square slightly elongated towards the sea, sits plainly on the site. A smooth façade defines the contained nature of the project plan, breached by glimpses of the nurtured components inside. An inclined roof hidden from direct frontal view descends towards the sea, opening over gardens and courtyards, orienting all open space towards water. Over it, float a canopy structure, unifying the complex and bringing a little shade to the project.

The ambitious program was interpreted as a coherent cultural campus bringing together the theater, the opera, the museum, the library and the design school. Referring to the idea of the traditional city, the central piece of the project is a public place or souk were all the components of the project come together, and where a natural chaos is created by the interaction of the visitors and users.
180 000 m2
$500 Millions
Villa Moda
Project conceived with Lemay & associate architects